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Born in ’85. Bucharest, Romania.

You can call me tattoo artist by vocation, visionary by default.

It’s been 16 years since I started decorating people’s bodies and, hopefully, their souls. I first found inspiration and guidance thanks to a guy I once knew, who learned the tattoo art in prison, while doing time. So I ballanced faith and stole his working secrets. What followed has been a long and probably neverending journey of adventure, daring designs and successful experiences thanks to all my clients. They are the ones defining me every day, with each inch, line and color I draw on their skin in my tattoo shop, open since 2009.

I never dwelve in regrets. I am constantly searching for myself and always find revealing, unique details that I transform into the purest and sincerest form of art. Sharing is caring, right?

Mixing and matching is my thing: realism, surrealism, byomechanics, portraits. What puts these elements together is my personal evil twist. Common things are for common people and there’s nothing common about me.

Nice to meet you, I am Paul Munteanu.

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